Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rubba dub dub, Piggy in the tub!

Zelda thought of today's title, although all I got today was a face washing. The picture is an old one. It has been over a year since I have been in my mammy and pappy's tub. My humom (human mom) and Aunty Linda used to lift me up and put me in the tub on a pretty regular basis. I hated it! Contrary to popular belief, not ALL piggies enjoy getting wet. I don't, no way blue jay! And I don't wallow in mud either! Hate it! And snow? Yuck! My humom agrees with me on that one. I like to stay nice and dry. I will drink water (if it has juice in it) and other beverages, but I don't want them on me. I love snow cones....after the inital brain freeze! Its been a long while since I have had one. I'll have to communicate to my humom that its about time I have another one of those, yes siree bob! They are tasty. In case you haven't noticed, I have a sweet tooth. My humom does too, so she does understand, but the amount of sugar I am allowed to have is just a teeny, tiny bit, every once and awhile. She says it isn't good for me and it makes me belligerent. I am not quit sure what that means, but I know it isn't good. Sometimes I dream of eating all the things I love, like cookies, cake, candy, chocolate and Tecumy, my humom knows when I do that! She says she hears me in the middle of the night slurping my tongue, chewing real loud and gulping! It makes her giggle! In the morning she asks me how did I enjoy my feast?! Well, it is getting time for me and Zelda to go to bed. We may take an imgaginary trip for a couple of days, but when we get back, we will write and show pictures!

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Gay said...

Oh, Stella Your Swineness. You are a gorgeous pig. And Zelda is a fine secretary. I hate baths, too.