Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Choosing a movie


Our TV broke over a year ago and Tecumy hasn’t replaced it.  She  had that TV since 1984 and thinks it will cost more to get it fixed than  buying a new one will cost, that‘s if it can be fixed. She believes that nowadays things are not made to be fixed but to just be  thrown away when they break--”disposable” she calls it and she says this is very wasteful.  We don’t really miss the television.  If there is something our humom wants to watch, she goes next door and watches it there.  We listen to the radio over the computer instead and this is fine with us.  The other day Tecumy got an offer from Netflix for a free 2 week trial offer.  Some of the videos you can get over the computer, so Zelda and I are trying to choose a movie to watch.  I want to watch this one, but Zelda says it is rated “R” so she won’t order it for me.  I thinks she’s wrong.  What do you think?

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William Bezek said...

My little mind thinks this is jolly.