Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello Everyone!!

I am so excited to be on the WWW! I have kept a real book diary for a few years now, but I think
this one will be much more fun. My sister and BFF (best feline friend) Zelda will be helping me.
My dainty hooves were not made to type, work a camera or use scissors whereas Zelda's paws
are almost just like hands so she is going to be my "Gal Friday". Here is a picture of Zelda:

Isn't she pretty? And she is really really smart too. She spells better than me so it is good she is doing the typing. That brings me to this: please remember that English is a second language to us. My first language is High Pig Latin. To you, this sounds like a bunch of grunts, huffs, oinks and sighs. Zelda's first language is Maow. Although we cannot speak it, we can understand each others language. So, if you are a professional writer, English major, teacher or just plain hiney retentive about such things as grammar and spelling, perhaps it would be best if you took some relaxing deep breaths and turned on some soothing music whilst reading this blog. Also, Zelda and I of the mind that since English is a live language that is a tool for communication, we will make up words as we may need them. We will try to find a way to keep a listing of those words on this blog. Looking forward to sharing with you!


Anonymous said...

Hello Stella (and Zelda), I must say I find you just so devine. I like your blog and think you make a fabulous supermodel. I look forward to following your blog.

William Bezek said...

Have you ever heard "Diary of a House Cat" on public radio?

Stella Dora von Swineburg said...

No William, we haven't....we'll google it and see what we can find.