Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! I'm Chosing the Winner of Witchy Pig!

Zelda wrote out the name of everyone who entered the giveaway onto a separate piece of paper for each name.  She has folded the papers and put them into the big cauldron.  Now watch this video of our favorite Halloween song while I pick out the winner.(I get to pick out the name, since it is my blog)

The winner is  laterg8r!  Congratulations!  Now send us your name and address and we will have Tecu'Mish
send Witchy Pig right off to you!  Thank you everybody for visiting my Halloween Bash!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shaun the Sheep

Zelda and I have never met a sheep, but we came across this video while we were surfing the net and we LOVE it!  Take a look!

Humom gives me iceberg lettuce a lot. Isn't it wonderful!  I especially loved the piggy actors!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Bash and Giveaway!

Oh goodness, I have been waiting for this forever!  I thought this day would never come...our Halloween Party!

First we got dressed in the  “secret “ costumes that our mammy, Elizabeth Johnson, made for us.

They are FANTASTIC!!  Zelda and I are witches!

Mine is orange and black with spiders

and Zelda is  and black and green with purple bats!

Aren’t they wonderful!?!  We vowed to never take them off!

To get to the party, we had to go through a cemetery

Oh my goodness, it was spooky!  Me and Zelda were too afraid to go through it.  It was scary! Yes siree bob!

Tecu’Mish and mammy told us it is just make believe, to not be afraid to walk through… after a few times going in then running back out, Zelda and I went through the cemetery to get to the party.

When  we got to the party room, we saw this sign:

Oh my goodness, we were scared again !  Was the witch a good witch or a bad witch?!  What about her monsters!

The witch didn’t say a word.   I took a few good sniffs of the air, us piggies have good smellers  and I didn’t smell any monsters and Zelda has fantastic eyesight , she can practically see in the dark, and she didn’t see any monsters, so we sneaked on past the witch, keeping lookout for the monsters! 

We walked around the room, looking for the refreshments!  We made a stop so Zelda could have her fortune told.

She found out it was exactly like she had planned.  A long, happy and healthy life filled with love!

As we walked around, we found some things to eat.

We had chips, grapes, tuna and my favorite, candy corn!. Then we continued to look around at all the fun sights!


Boy, it was some party!
Now, before I go back home, I want to be sure and tell you about our Halloween Bash Giveaway!  Here are some pictures

Its “Witchy Pig”!                                             
I just love her.
Tecu’Mish made her by altering a ceramic shoe and porcelain piggy head, she made her hat and cape too. 

If you would like  the chance to win “Witchy Pig” make sure you are signed  up as a FOLLOWER and be sure to leave a COMMENT on this posting by  Oct 26th... don't forget to do both.

I will draw the winner on Halloween!

Thanks for coming by and sharing our  party with us!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Some of My Human Friends

I  believe that life is nicer  by knowing all kinds of people, so I have friends of as many different species as possible.  Now  I am going to introduce to you some of my human friends.  Some of them I met when I was just a little piggy and some I have yet to meet in person, but they all have made my life
happier and better.

In this first picture is Cathy and Margie down at the Community Thrift Store.  That store is my humom’s and  Auntie Linda’s favorite store.  They find all kinds of great clothing, house wares and  humom gets a lot of  the things she uses in her art there.  Plus, the price is right! And they have special, half-price items!

This is Tommy.  He volunteers at the store.  He works long hours and very hard, for FREE! Can you believe it?  The ladies like to tease him.

This is Heidi.

Isn’t she sweet?  She and Cathy own the store.  They both worked at the Salvation Army.  That is where I first met them.  They helped to rescue me and thanks to that, I now have a wonderful  home with a humom that loves me to pieces!  Everyone in town was sad when the Salvation Army closed their store in our town.  But then Cathy and Heidi had the great idea to start their own thrift store.  It is hard work
and worry, but they do a good job!

In this picture is Larry and Jutta down at the WalMart Pharmacy.

WalMart is humom’s 2nd favorite store.  We live in a small town, and WalMart is close and sells the essentials.

Here is Beth and Melody at the WalMart Pharmacy too.

I have allergies and I have gotten sinus infections from them.  All of my friends at WalMart make sure I get the medications that I need to get better.  I appreciate that.

Its wonderful to have  friends like these!