Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Canine Cousins

I have 3 canine cousins who live next store.  Here is the picture of the biggest one, Clancy.

He’s ok.  When I was a little piglet and would be out in the yard in my harness attached to a tree on a long lead (even though humom was nearby) Clancy would chew through my lead for me, in case I wanted to take off. He and I got into an argument only once, over some food, but Tecumy stepped  in and put a stop to it right away.
The smallest one is Shaba, aka “Bucky”  She’s ok too, but she gets real jealous if my mammy, in her estimation, pays too much  attention to me. When I was smaller, she would jump up and nip at my ears. Here is a picture of her . 

She goes to the beauty parlor and gets shaved.  Here is also a picture of her with some ducks down at the Pohopoco Creek, they all seemed to like each other.

The third one is Leopold, he gets a shave too.  He is a maltese.

He has only been living here about 4 months.  His other humom passed on and he needed a home, so my mammy and pappy took him in.  He's real cute but he still needs to learn manners. My mammy says he will, he is just still a puppy.  I have only been around him twice and that was enough for me!  The first time, all he did was bark at me. Can you spell RUDE!  The second time was outside and I  thought he was getting smarter.  He came up to me nicely and sniffed my snout, I was wagging my tail and put up my snout so he could sniff it and I sniffed his nose, then he barked and nipped my snout!  I knew he was just being "not too smart" but Tecumy had a hissy fit!  She told him, “Get away from her you rude boy!” and he kept barking so mammy took him in the house.  Sometimes the canines try to come into our house, but Zelda and her littermates don’t really care for them so Tecumy doesn’t let them in much.  When my mammy and pappy are away in Minnesota, she will sometimes let Shaba come over, but she is smaller than the cats, so they don’t seem to mind her as much.

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