Monday, September 21, 2009

Pizza with the Girls!

Thursday humom and Auntie Linda spent the day with mammy and pappy setting up tables and stuff for Aunties yard sale out at her farm.  They worked at it all day and were exhausted when they got home.  They decided to treat themselves and have pizza from Marios for supper.  I LOVE pizza! Yes siree bob!   I haven’t had pizza in YEARS!  Humom told me I could have some if I came over to mammy’s, so even though that loud mouth Leopold was barking his foolish head off, I walked over to mammy’s house….she ended up putting him in the bedroom because he wouldn’t hush up.  Humom gave me the mushrooms off of her pieces of pizza!  They were yummy!!  I love the whole pizza, but ever since humom learned from Gay that us pot bellies are genetically engineered to gain weight on just a small amount of food, she is careful about what treats she gives me.  She used to share her dinner with me all the time.  I love Italian food! Yes siree bob! Especially spagetti!  Usually I just get some lettuce as a treat.  I wish we had pizza every night!!  It is sooooo GOOOOOD!!!  Yes siree bob!

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