Saturday, January 16, 2010

Secret Agent 008 and 008.5

The other day Zelda and I overheard Tecumy talking on the phone.  Some guy she had met and had a conversation with at the deli section down at the supermarket called her.  He wanted to met her at a local
restaurant for dinner.  I think I have told you all before that we are homebodies.  Humom calls herself a “hermit”.  We take imaginary trips, so Zelda and I were kind of shocked when Tecumy agreed to meet this guy.  Shocked and worried.  We didn’t know him and we are real protective of our humom, we don’t want anything bad to happen to her.  That’s when we decided we’d better follow along in case she needed our help.  I had Zelda take the camera too.  Well, Tecumy seemed to like this guy and have a good time.  Zelda and I couldn’t figure out why.  Here’s a picture.  See what I mean?  He looks like a real “ boar” to us!

He! He! He!

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laterg8r said...

hysterical - totally gave me a giggle :D

keep up the spy work :D