Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sheep Pig?? They must be joking!

Sheep or pig? The mangalitsa was bred from hardy Hungarian pigs (Bakonyi and Szalontai) crossed with the Šumadijas from Serbian. It is totally swine. It produces less meat then the naked pink pigs you're used to seeing, so it has become quite rare. Image credit: Dreamstime

Well, I say if you can't tell this is a pig, then you might want to get your eyes examined.  Zelda had never met a pig before she met me and she could easily tell that that is a picture of a PIG!  This piggy has some long curly hair, but it still looks 
like a piggy, just one with long curly hair! cheezsh!  Now it is true I have never met a sheep, but I disagree with the "Strange News" people on LiveScience.  It is more than "a closer inspection of the head and face reveals a decidedly porcine countenance."  Its WHOLE body has a porcine countenance!  So, what do you think?  

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Gay L. Balliet said...

Only a non-pig person wud ever say this isn't a pig. For cryin' out loud--it screams " pig"--though maybe a pig with a perm.