Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Feline Relatives

Today I am going to share some pictures of some of my feline relatives.  The first picture is of my cousin Mungo Johnson.

He is a cute little boy that is about 3 years old.  He really doesn’t know that he is a feline.  My mammy took him in when he was just about  3  weeks old.  His mother was a wild stray and he was very sick and needed to see a doctor.  Tecumy got him medical care and Mammy gave him his medicine and fed him with a bottle. Thankfully, he got better.  Shaba, my canine cousin, used to watch over him and wash his face as if she were his mother.
Here is a picture of him when he was a baby.

This is a picture of my auntie Minemoto.

She is 13 years old. She moved here from Chelsea with my humom and is from a Boston shelter.  Isn’t she pretty?  Her fur is super  soft and silky, I like to rub my snout on it.  She shares my room with me.  She likes to sleep up high on the shelf in my room.

This is my cousin Chekala, she is pretty too.

She was a stray that was living on top of the Blue Mountain.  Mammy and Pappy took her in a few years ago.  She is very sweet.  She stays up on the counter in the middle of the kitchen and everyone who walks through the kitchen has to stop and scratch her behind her ears.

Here is beautiful cousin Molly.

She is a Persian.  She was adopted from a shelter.  Mammy and Pappy saw her on TV.  The shelter was desperate  for somebody to adopt her.  She had been there for a little while, but was so upset about it, she was not eating or drinking and they were afraid she was going to die.  So mammy and pappy went the next day to get her.  She is happy here.  She especially loves Pappy.  She loves to lay on his chest when he is laying on the couch in his den reading.

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