Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! I'm Chosing the Winner of Witchy Pig!

Zelda wrote out the name of everyone who entered the giveaway onto a separate piece of paper for each name.  She has folded the papers and put them into the big cauldron.  Now watch this video of our favorite Halloween song while I pick out the winner.(I get to pick out the name, since it is my blog)

The winner is  laterg8r!  Congratulations!  Now send us your name and address and we will have Tecu'Mish
send Witchy Pig right off to you!  Thank you everybody for visiting my Halloween Bash!


William Bezek said...

Okay, I have to admit your name caught my attention. It's close to my best friend's name Anastatia Beaverhousen. And here are my beloved childhood Groovie Ghoulies!
Most excellent indeed.

laterg8r said...

wooo hooo - that's me!!!! off to email you :D thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Great! Tecu'Mish will pack her up and get her off to you!