Friday, December 18, 2009

UGGGH!!! I got the Human Flu!

I got it from my auntie Linda.  Even though Tecumy told her not to, she went and got a flu shot.  Guess what happened then?  She got the flu!  Yes siree bob!!  That’s why they call it the Flu shot.  She was sick as a dog!  For 2 whole weeks.  She had to go to the doctor and  take medicine and everything, yes siree bob!  She made Tecumy sick for a few days, then me!  Yuk!  I couldn’t hold my meals down, not fun!  And I wasn’t hungry.  Imagine that, a piggy not hungry! Can you say oxymoron??  I am feeling much better now.   Humom  has been giving me only banana, it is easy on my stomach and apple juicy water and I have been able to hold that down.  Humom has also been checking on me all day long, making sure I am ok, giving me banana snacks and making sure I stay tucked in under my binkies…..see why I love her?   She’s a keeper, yes siree, bob!

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laterg8r said...

so sorry to hear that you got the human flu - silly flu shots ugh!!